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Friday is a day of possibility, at least once you’re off work. So until you’re off work maybe you can enjoy some of the things on the internet that have kept the Paleopals working for the weekend. Enjoy!


Terrible? yes. Funny? yes. Good? Not in the traditional sense of the word. Bad? In the best way possible.


This is awesome because the sun ate a comet and also we watched it. Which was pretty hard to do, technically. Comet Dives Into Sun: STEREO, SOHO Spacecraft Catch Craft


I FOUND this t-shirt and I thought it went well with my article this week. Wear it and look sexy.



Hey look it’s an interview with the father of the modern zombie! And he talks about academics who waste time doing zombie-math. He doesn’t say anything about ending your name with a question mark though.

George A. Romero: “Who says zombies eat brains?”


This is an official military specification on how to make cookies and brownies for military rations. The story has been making rounds around some of the major news outlets this week, but this is the actual, official document that I pulled from our direct link to the government spec database. IT’S LEGIT.

Funny enough, it actually references another mil spec on how to make all forms of hard and soft candies as well. It’s pretty awesome.



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  1. Infinite MonkeyNo Gravatar 30 May, 2010 at 10:06 am #

    So, I can turn my life into a musical? Awesome!

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