Friday Postings from the Paleocave Wall

*Note: No one got the answer right to the surprise question from last week based on the image in this post. Guess again everyone! (hover over the image for a hint)

It’s another Friday and we wanna make sure you survive to the weekend. Here’s what we’ve chosen to help with:

Patrick (who gets it):

Exhibitionist sea turtle finds camera, turns it on and films self.

Ryan (who gets to go second):

What is ideaCity? It’s a good question? Is it a good question? Regardless it’ll be relevant soon. Maybe.

Charlie (lest he feel forgotten):  Lot of talk about the GOM oil spill, energy security, and the end of the oil age in the news of late—little science though. Here’s the remedy: It is best to stick to the articles and avoid the looney-doomy comment section. Same could be said for any page except for of course.

Ben (who is networking in the icy north):

Look, bouncing balls turn a wheel.

Experiment finally proves 100-year-old thought experiment is possible (w/ Video)

Jacob (who also likes things that turn, apparently):

So here’s a short/sweet infographic on how Wind Turbines work.

Wind Turbines: Inside and Out

Most of my graduate study research has been focused on wind energy, and I continue to find the field incredibly inspiring. I’ll almost certainly be writing some blog posts on Wind Turbines in the near future, so this is a good way to familiarize yourself with some of the basics before we get down to the nitty-gritty.

Now go weekend yourself!


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  1. SarahNo Gravatar 22 June, 2010 at 3:35 pm #

    Really? No one guessed that was Venus?

    Do I get a prize? :-P

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