Is it really Friday?

The days are starting to blur. Sleep is a distant memory. Here are some links, but be warned that next week promises little relief.

Introducing… The Acid Queen! (Who is very cautious):

Might I suggest the link to an art exhibit in Seattle, the Cryptomenagerie? Kind of cool.

Patrick (Who’s always on time):

If ingredients were evolutionary traits, this is how your cocktail fits into the liquor tree of life: Evolution of the Drink

You can see a pretty good picture of the whole thing here.

Or buy the poster from Paleocave favorite

Ben (Who likes things Paleontologists already knew about):

Dan Telfer – The Best Dinosaur

uhhh, i like dinosaurs but i don’t know enough about them to talk to this guy.

my favourite dinosaur is the triceratops because it was awesome. i don’t care about all the dongles you could replace his armor plate with. he’s all wabi-sabi, dig?

Jacob (Who’s just trying to help):

In case you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past few months, there was a massive oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico on Earth Day (of all days) which has resulted in a massive GEYSER of oil (not a spill), gushing gallons of oil every minute since.

It’s in everyone’s best interest to get educated, and if you’re in the Gulf area, get involved.

Here’s a really good link that not only does some myth-busting, but has a pretty substantial overview of the current state of the disaster:

And if you’re in the Gulf, here’s how to get involved:

and finally, Ryan (who thinks he’s ever so clever):

Awesome advertisements by a guy in 1977 who definitely was not time travelling from the future for personal profit:

mytouch 4g review
1969 dodge charger
new york state department of education
duns number lookup
how to paint

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