Freakin Friday Round ‘Up

Happy Friday once again, PaleoPosse!

Well, Ryan’s at TAM 8, rubbing elbows with the best-of-the-best in the scientific/skeptical universe. So its your buddy Jacob here again, filling you in on the latest bits of news we all found interesting this week.

Slate contributor, Sam Kean has a book out about the periodic table, riviting stuff, I know. Anyway, he is blogging about several of the elements for Slate and you can read about them for free.

hey. how come, back in the day, everyone had saber teeth? it seems like it was common? was it because animals didn’t know how wide their throats were, and so needed a gauge? maybe the primary prey for everythings were giant, meaty pneumatic tires? I don’t know, i’m just a simple country physicist.

A really cool picture of Saturn from a really cool satellite being talked about on a really cool blog. Having just met Phil Plait here at TAM 8 I couldn’t help but link to his site.

Pic related! Dutch scientists have created a way to make cement with a mixture of Titanium Dioxide, which acts a catalyst to convert the pollutant NO2 from the air and convert it to harmless nitrates.  Their preliminary tests show as 25-45% decrease in the amount of pollutants present in the paved areas!
Lets hope they do some full life-cycle studies to make sure it’s safe, and get this out ASAP!

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