Friday Link Roundup: Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the internet

Here are your links, they are succinct. Boom, poetry.

I (Ryan) get to go first cause I’m never putting myself first and maybe sometimes I should:

Nostalgic for Santa Cruz -or- Why Big Waves come to Mavericks

Science of Big Waves – KQED Science Quest [Youtube]

Patrick, because he also has a video and lets just get those out of the way:

“Look Around You” was a crazy BBC show, sort of a cross between the British “The Office” and “Mr. Wizard” or “3-2-1 Contact”. It looks like it is 30 years old but it’s from 2002-2003. I’ll start you off with the episode “Calcium” but you could start with “Maths” and do just about as well. Whatever you do, don’t quit 30 seconds into the clip (have some patience people). Maybe we could do a “Science… sort of” episode in this style one day — deadpan silliness that only the British can really pull off properly.

Look Around You – Calcium (pilot episode) Part 1 [Youtube]

Jacob’s here to teach you how to make your TV into a Spaceship, or something like that:

Japan’s successful Solar Sail spacecraft (the IKAROS, also demonstrated a 2nd new technology – Steering via LCD.

Small Solar Power Sail Demonstrator ‘IKAROS’ Successful Attitude Control by Liquid Crystal Device

The spacecraft used small strips of LCDs that could be adjusted to reflect more or less light, thereby increasing or decreasing the amount of force imparted on the craft by the photons. By controlling this, they were able to “steer” the spacecraft. Cool stuff!

bennnn. Need I say more?

I love time travel. quantum time travel sounds fun! maybe i’ll write a blog thing explaining this in real words. i dunno.

Quantum Time Machine Lets You Travel to the Past Without Fear of Grandfather Paradox


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  1. PatrickNo Gravatar 10 August, 2010 at 10:23 am #

    “Look Around You” is the best link I’ve posted for Friday Link Roundup to date. I have a feeling not enough people are checking it out…

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