Fun for Friday the Twenty-Ferd

Happy Friday everyone!

Ryan’s at San Diego Comic-Con, so it’s Jacob here, giving you your Friday goods.


Robot legs! Just what I need to survive Comic Con.
Plus they’d make for a sweet costume. Just click on the Science… sort of donate button and type “$150,000” Thanks!


You know you’ve always wanted to know how to moonwalk (the second nerdiest of all dances, behind the robot). What’s stopping you? We live in the internet age, you can learn practically anything from youtube…
Even if you don’t perfect it, there is a guilty pleasure in knowing how it is done, like knowing the secret to a magic trick.

Acid Queen:

It’s been a tumultuous legislative session for metamorphic petrologists everywhere. But the pain is perhaps most stinging in California where the state senate has introduced a bill to strip the crown of official state rock from serpentine. No runner up second or otherwise has been named. Jerks.


Its been a lazy week for me… I’ve been watching a lot of movies. Mostly trying to check off the movies I haven’t seen from this list of the 10 most under-appreciated sci fi movies!
I just watched “Moon” (2009) and “Primer” (2004) and they’re both REALLY good. Science-minded folks will love both, I’m sure.

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