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Hey all,

Ryan here on a very momentary reprieve from travelling. Sure I could have made Jacob keep doing this, but I like your silly faces and wanted to post to them my own self. Here are some links for the week, and they’re really really good. You’re all so lucky the internet even exists!

Starting off with the Acid Queen: Do you like cartoons? How about cartoons about science? How about science cartoons that tell you how to cook a hotdog outside using little more than the ungodly heat from an oppressive star that seems hell bent on making my life miserable. Enjoy

Howtoons – Cosmic Cooker

Ryan says: Who would have thought Astronaut wouldn’t be a stable career? Well soon we’ll have no shuttle and that’s very sad. Photogrpahic artist Hunter Freeman has done a series of photos about unemployed astronauts, and they’ll break your heart.

Hunter Freeman – Astronauts

Jacob is a rocket half empty guy sometimes: A senate committee has decided (note: not “NASA has decided” or “a group of NASA executives has decided”, but “a senate committee has decided”), that the best direction for NASA is to roll back a few of the quote-unquote “Obama administration” cutbacks to current NASA programs. The new direction asks NASA to develop a brand new human spaceflight vehicle within 5 years, and reduces funding to private spaceflight ventures. I am NOT optimistic, but we’ll see what happens, I guess…

Plan kills NASA’s Constellation moon mission, adds shuttle launch

Ben is surprisingly succinct, what he’s trying to hide?: The dream is dead, long live the dream.

Higgs boson discovery rumour denied by US lab

And finally Patrick is on the hunt: Chupacabra finally shot and killed in Texas! Wait, it looks a lot like the Oriental Yeti, which in turn looks a lot like a mangy carnivoran. Oh well, at least the video is unintentionally hilarious.

Chupacabra in Texas?

That’s it for this week, next Monday is the live show. Not to be missed!

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