Science… sort of is going to TAM 8… sort of

I, Ryan, of the podcast Science… sort of hereby declare my intention to go to TAM 8 in Las Vegas this weekend. I’ll be with my dad, Dr. Bruce Haupt, whom you may remember from Episode 17: Lengthening Our Listeners. The meeting will also be attended by several previous guests of the show like Dr. Steve Novella, Brian Dunning and others.

This should be a great opportunity to network and meet tons of new people who can help promote the show or just come on and share some cool stuff on air with you good people.

And speaking of you good people, the Paleoposse, I want to know who’s coming too! I’ve chatted with a few people on Twitter and we may try to have a meet-up at some point during what is sure to be a busy weekend. If you’re going and are interested in meeting up with a group of other Paleoposse be sure to let me know in the comments. Also be sure to follow mine and Science… sort of Twitter accounts for continuous updates throughout the meeting.

What else is there to prepare for? I’m planning on doing some outdoorsy stuff around Las Vegas, does anyone know anything good? Anyone in particular we should talk while we’re there? Events we should attend? Give me some input oh wise and powerful Paleoposse!

Hope I see some of you at the meeting!


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  1. Sara KessellNo Gravatar 5 July, 2010 at 11:01 pm #

    Hey! I’m the human behind the Chico Skeptics tweets.

    Here are a couple links to some stuff happening at TAM:

    Skepchick Party:

    Ladies Doing Skepticism Lunch:!/event.php?eid=126077414099822&index=1

    Skepticality Speaking Beyond BS/Drinking Skeptically:!/event.php?eid=130983146929909&index=1

    One of those isn’t really applicable for you or your dad, but maybe some listeners may be interested. :)

    If anyone is having a hard time visualizing when everything is, I put it all on a Google Calendar here:

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