Any Given Friday

It’s Friday! That means it’s time for some links but most importantly it’s an opportunity for me to write some nonsense and post a random (yet hilarious) picture for everyone to see. Enjoy!

Ryan is preparing for a long walk: Looking to make your own lipless zombie? It’s a bit involved but here’s a video for the upcoming TV series The Walking Dead that helps you figure it out. Make sure you watch the time lapse at the end!

Patrick has a sinking feeling: When’s the last time you favorite hero had a brush with death via quicksand? I can’t remember either (no quicksand in 85 hours worth of LOST!). Why isn’t quicksand good enough for us anymore? The answer is complicated but Daniel Engber takes a crack at figuring out why quicksand has stopped sucking…

Terra Infirma: The rise and fall of quicksand

The Acid Queen has some very specific advice: Just in case you are 9 year old girl who digs amphibians… check out the scientific squee! It’s the old world’s cutest tiniest frog. They live on the exotic island of Borneo and raise their tadpoles in the dewy nether regions of carnivorous pitcher plants.

Micro-frog found in search for world’s lost amphibians

Jacobis a bit more broad with his target audience: This isn’t a news item, but I just think everyone needs to see this website.

If you’ve never been to Instructables, be prepared to be impressed. DIY’ers from all across the world showcase their inventions, from things as simple as a piece of homemade jewelry, to things as complicated as a Radio controlled UAV’s. If this doesn’t inspire you to create and invent, I don’t know what will!

Charlie is looking out for you (assuming you can translate what he’s saying): Thar’s gold in dem dar moth’rboards!! Here’s how to mine from your old junk computers. Is it economically viable?

Experiment: Can you mind gold from old motherboards?

Hope this is enough to get you to Monday when we’ll have a new episode up over at!

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