Friday Land of Links (Not Sausage)

But sausage would be ok. I don’t know, I’ve been travelling through the middle of the country, I think I’ve forgotten what vegetables are. I see green stuff all around me but no one feeds it to me. I think my blood has stopped moving. Anyways…

The Ever-Lovin’ Acid Queen says:

The ever popular Creation “Museum” (yes I did just use punctuation to convey sarcasm and derision) almost got me last week. I saw an ad similar to this one on TV during a trip to the Midwest. I was really quite intrigued until I saw dinosaurs and humans frolicking together happily in the jungle. I then threw up a little in my mouth. Feel free to enjoy the first 15 seconds of this thrilling ad for their “Planetarium.”

Creation Museum Commercial: Planetarium

bennnnn says:

this is the best thing i ever saw. Capillary Action – The Movie holy crap! it makes sense too. I guess what you don’t see, if what you are seeing does not make sense to you, is that the water is totally wicking up the side of the hydrophilic floatie, and it’s wicking DOWN from the side of the hydrophobic… uhh. i think.

anyway, so the surface of the water’s desire to have as small as possible an area is what is pulling the floaties together, or pushing them apart respectively.


maybe that gravity entropy guy ( is onto something?

Patrick’s in love:

I love this stuff

The Canseco Effect

sports, statistics, and forensics. Specifically, using statistics to ferret out who is using steroids in baseball (and figure out other stuff).

Jacob unwittingly calls back to a previous show:

I recently watched the movie “The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters“, which was AWESOME btw… and serendipitously I found this article about an old school arcade in NY booming with the cool kids.

I wanna play Killer Instinct!!!

And Ryan has been on the road, however:

Wouldn’t wanna leave you guys wanting so I did a quick scour of the internet for something worth sharing and I found…

5 Widely Believed Dating Myths (Science says aren’t true)


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  1. benNo Gravatar 6 August, 2010 at 11:59 am #

    “And Ryan” is an anagram for “Ayn Rand”. my brain misread the line and i almost puked.

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