Links to get you through the Weekend

Summer definitely feels like it’s over and it’s definitely crunchtime over at the Paleocave. Hopefully you won’t find yourself stuck in front of the computer this weekend, but if you do here are some links to help you along.

Patrick is looking a little green:

Thin Air Designs, in collaboration with San Jose State University, has created a wind powered “car” that can go directly downwind faster than the wind that is pushing it (~2.5 times faster). Here is their blog where they keep you up to date the project’s progress.

Jacob has seen the future from the past:

Ever heard of “Damascus Steel”? It’s an ancient steel that was known to cut straight through other steel swords without losing it’s edge. And we humans, dumb as we are, FORGOT how to make it! In fact, we still haven’t figured it out!

And while this article isn’t new, it completely blew my mind. Upon inspection with an electron microscope, a sample of ancient Damascus steel was found to have CARBON NANOTUBES filled with IRON CARBIDE NANOWIRES!!

Sharpest cut from nanotube sword

Nano-structures from 900 A.D. Mind = BLOWN!!!

Ryan has finally Cracked:

I’ve had a lot of long meetings lately and some of these lists have helped me through them. This is one them.

6 Adorable Cat Behaviors With Shockingly Evil Explanations

Heather agrees that Zombies were People too:

Zombies make the world a better place. Well, at least zombie movies do. Sometimes. Can’t we all just get along?

How Casting a Black Actor Changed ‘Night of the Living Dead’

Charlie has his head above the clouds:

Video from one of the Space Shuttle’s solid rocket boosters facing the intertank (middle part of external tank). The booster separates and we get to see what it feels like to fall back to Earth from space. Haunting and beautiful …


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  1. DustinNo Gravatar 14 September, 2010 at 7:24 am #

    The space shuttle video was *beautiful.* Ever have that moment in life when you want go back and do it differently? I go back and be good at math and physics and work for NASA (or whomever they are contracting out to these days.) Thanks for sharing!

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