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Today we have a wonderful list of thoughtful internet tidbits for your viewing pleasure, or you can go join the ruckus on Ryan’s Centaur post.

Speaking of Ryan:

This is a quick clip The Late Late Show where Craig Ferguson speaks with Dick van Dyke. I won’t use a video every week but this is a must.
SPOILER WARNING: One time van Dyke was surfing, fell asleep, woke up far from shore and was saved by a pod of porpoises. Seriously, watch the clip.
      Last time i was in new york city visiting my sister, i tried to get everyone interested in visiting


      it’s a secret subway station!
    but they didn’t want to, and now the whole internet knows about it :(
      So did you guys hear about the unidentified missile launched off the coast of California last week? Lol are you west coast hippies gullable.

That same flight happens LITERALLY EVERY DAY! However, since fifty photos

    of the same contrails daily aren’t enough, I’m sure this isn’t the last we’ve heard of this…
      We often skirt the topic of religion on the podcast.  For most of us it’s pretty much a non-issue and we don’t see the point in getting people riled up.  However, this a blog, totally different story.  I’ve been working on getting John Allen Paulos on

Science… sort o

      f to talk statistics and general lack of math knowledge among most of the population.  He covered this topic in a book called Innumeracy.  Turns out he writes about religion too; He has a book called Irreligion. You can read the

first chapter for free here


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