The blog’s back and so is Link Day.

Here’s what the Paleopals learned from the great interweb oracle this week…

Ryan: could hardly stand the blog being down and not being able to call his web surfing productive.

Bob Odenkirk and David Cross had a sketch comedy program in the 90’s called Mr. Show. It was as hilarious as it was educational. Enjoy!

Patrick: Hey it’s not science but we all want to be well rounded, right?

Best signs from theRally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear.

Ben: As usual is talking about stuff normal people can barely understand.  But maybe it’s time to panic?

AAAAAAAH! when i was a kid there were only 3 flavours of neutrinos. and we were happy that way. but then when i was in my 20’s they found that the neutrinos mix! all neutrinos were suddenly neapolitan! but NOW THEY MIGHT HAVE JUST FOUND A NEW FLAVOUR OF NEUTRINO AND MAYBE IT’S DARK MATTER OR MAYBE I DON’T KNOW BUT AAAAAAH!!!! it’s time to flip out, people.

Acid Queen: Continues her unhealthy obsession with single celled shelled organisms.

How do I top Mr. Show? With a Chinese statuary garden full of 6 foot tall foraminifera, that’s how.

Jacob: Is looking to be swimming in controversy. Send your emails to

Charles: Continues to seek power and/or drugs for questionable purposes.
Alright here’s my link paleopimps

Short on Lithium? Harvest some yourself from highend AA batteries. In the before time kids used to have home chemistry sets. Then we became a fearful society. I for one think it’s time to bring chemistry back home. Why should only methcooks have all the fun. NurdRage is a champion of the cause:


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