SSO Winter Solstice Buying Guide!

Happy Holidays PaleoPosse!!  This week of blog posts is going to be PaleoPAWESOME!!!

This week we’ll be giving you our suggestions for gifts for your significant others, co-workers, acquaintances, and enemies.

I’ve decided to separate my gift suggestions into the 3 domains of the show, 1) Science, 2) Geek/Nerd, 3) … Sort Of

Heeeeeeeeeeeere we go!

1) Science

Referring back to Acid Queen’s article about the LilyPad , here is the coolest kid on the hobby microprocessor block, the Arduino Uno.

The brain of a robot to annoy your pets and relatives!

I have one, and it’s so freaking amazing that I don’t even know what to do with it.  It’s literally so easy to use, so flexible, and so powerful, that I could do anything from build a home security system, custom house lighting, or an automatic rabbit feeder…if only I had the time and motivation to do it.  But it’s possible!

Oh and it’s probably useful to get a starter kit with wires and resistors and stuff.

2) Geek/Nerd

This product was actually an April Fools joke by ThinkGeek a couple years ago, but people loved it so much that they made it a real product.  Behold! The 8-bit tie:

This is SURE to get you the gig.

3) … Sort Of

Ryan, would probably like this more than anyone else (So maybe you should get it for him!).  Real Whiskey Stones, so there’s no more excuse for watered down whiskey!

It takes a man with real STONES to drink his whiskey with...stones.




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