Birds are Dying! (Pretty much all the time)

When something biological happens somewhere I usually get a few friends asking me about it. I’m happy to get the questions from the curious but it’s kind of like asking a doctor about a rash your friend has. Especially if that doctor was a neurosurgeon. The dude has the training to theoretically figure out what the rash is, but he hasn’t seen your friend and it’s really not his specialty. So I had to look into this a bit deeper before getting back to everyone.

The background: There was a blackbird die off on the night of New Year’s Eve in Beebe, AR. Then there was another similar incident a few days later in Louisiana.

The explanation: First thing to note is that these incidents do not appear to be related, so lets drop that notion right now. Die offs happen regularly around the world, which is sad and worth investigating but at the same time isn’t necessarily a grand mystery. The Arkansas incident was reported because it happened on New Year’s Eve which is an arbitrary time humans attribute significance to, which probably does play a factor as you’ll see. The Louisana one presumably got wider coverage because of temporal proximity to the event in Arkansas.

So what did kill the birds in Arkansas? In one of my discussions on the subject I was asked why these birds were out at night, they’re diurnal so they should have been sleeping at night, not flying. It is curious but also a clue to the reality of the situation. Again, it was New Year’s Eve, right before midnight. People are outside late, hollering, carrying on, and launching explosives into the air. In Beebe, AR there were even reports of someone repeatedly firing a canon. Rather than attribute blackbird death to UFO’s or 2012, I’m gonna agree with the USGS when they say the birds were probably awakened by explosions, tried to fly away and died via blunt force trauma because they’re not good night flyers. Necropsy performed by the USGS found that the birds had bruises which supports this explanation. FUN FACT: Autopsy only refers to humans, on animals it’s called a necropsy.  Kind of a boring explanation, but it makes a lot of sense to me.

The USGS website has a really nice bullet point list about the generalities of animal die off and updates on these recent events. I stress that you scope their site out before reading any of the filtered reportage put out by the mainstream media.


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  1. BetsyNo Gravatar 11 January, 2011 at 8:48 am #

    Fine fine! So instead of Human-made global warming killing these poor birdies it’s human-celebratory-made blunt force trauma. Actually that make sense too. I’ll be sure to share this with people.

  2. XerophytesNo Gravatar 11 January, 2011 at 1:05 pm #

    Not sure if you read this news article before, which happened in UK:–single-garden.html

    Autopsy vs necropsy <- is this another anthropocentricism?!

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