Living the Sci Life: Another Venture

Hello out there in Paleoland!

I got kinda bored over the break, so I decided upon the encouragement of Ryan Penagos to give this tumblr blog thing a try. I’ve been having fun with it, it’s kind of like Twitter plus. All of my personal posts from this blog and the main Science… sort of site will be found over there along with the occasional less polished ramblings, photos, and other funny links I find throughout the day. If you’re looking for mini-posts every day that hopefully make you smile I say check it out. Furthermore, I say start your own! Tumblr makes it pretty easy to sign up, pick a theme and get going. If anyone does start one, or already had one, feel free to give me a follow and let me know about your own project here in the comments. The more the merrier in the melting pot of the Internet!


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