Paleoposse member Chris sent in a wonderful poem which Ryan read on air in Episode 76 – Alien Ant Farm, but in the interests of preservation we figured it best if we posted it here as well. Enjoy, and thanks again to Chris!

There once was a science podcast
that I came upon at long last.
They talk about booze
and primordial ooze
and listening to them is a blast!

They fill my ears with their words
’bout good movie trailers (and turds)
and naked mole rats
and guano from bats
and how dinosaurs are now birds

Zombie hordes they taught me how
to survive quite well for now:
Shoot for the head,
Avoid the undead.
And that gets a PaleoPOW!

Paleopals, carry on!
And bandoliers you must don
when zombies come near
stock your whiskey and beer
’cause the breweries will be all gone


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