Are Your Ear-Holes Ready For The Weekly Weinersmith?

For those of you with you head in the sand, you may not have heard but Kelly and Zach have officially begun their podcast The Weekly Weinersmith, a proud member of the Brachiolope Media Network!

This officially marks the start of our grand experiment in putting together a network of quality science content in a way that is ideally approachable and enjoyable to both laymen and scientist alike. No big deal, right? Well the Weinersmiths certainly make it sound easy! Hopefully this post comes as old news, but if not, get thee to iTunes or your preferred podcast aggregator for some Weinery goodness.

I’ve listened to the first few episodes and can more than vouch for it’s quality. Kelly and Zach have their realms of expertise and give each other, and their guest, plenty of space to shine. If there’s one difference between Science… sort of and The Weekly Weinersmith, its that they really give a topic time to breathe. When we attempt that we get told we’re dragging on too long, and it’s a fair criticism to us, but the Weinersmiths keep it engaging all the way through. Some podcasts fail to provide enough depth, others drag on interminably, and their show manages to weave between the two extremes. I promise you it’s much harder than it sounds.

So suffice it to say I expect nothing but great things from here on out and I couldn’t be more thrilled to share the stage with people who are doing this like pros from day 1. This is quite literally the point of the network, to join forces, help each other podcast as professionally as possible, and hock each others wares readily and enthusiastically.

So if you’ve already subscribed, thanks and congratulations on being awesome! If not, why not? You some kind of phaliphobe? But seriously, it’s OK if you don’t listen, as long as you download it 3 times to make up for it.

Now would also be a good time to get excited for Ben Tippett‘s upcoming show  The Titanium Physicists. Winter Solstice is really coming early for y’all!


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