Where the science (conversation) happens [Video]

If you’ve listened to Episode 121 already, you may remember that I mentioned a video with Abe and myself filmed at a beer festival here in Nashville last December. There was a guy going around with a camera who took a shine to my science ramblings and asked if I’d be willing to hash out my theories of cute dinosaurs on air. I, of course, was happy to oblige. My bit starts around 17:44 and goes until 20:09 (Abe is replaced by Kevin at some point) and for the careful watcher I do have a brief cameo earlier in the clip.

(Find the video after the jump)

I think this just goes to show that me and the other Paleopals really love science to the point of absurdity, and can be found out in the world basically living as we do on the podcast (i.e. beer in hand, science in mouth). The audio quality is a bit rough but I sincerely appreciate Rick turning his lens on me and my antics long enough to pontificate on some paleontology. I hope you enjoy watching as much as I did filming.

And one last lingering question I cannot help but ask: how would you feel about more video content in the future? No promises at this point, but letting us know can only help to encourage!


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