Update on the Intermittency of New Episodes

Hey Paleoposse,

You’ve probably noticed that this summer our release schedule has been sporadic. I want to apologize for that, I hate not getting shows out regularly and on time, and I think at this point you all deserve an explanation, however brief.

1) I’m moving right now, and I have been crazy busy leading up to this move, so finding time to sit and edit just hasn’t been possible.

2) As the show has progressed, I’ve started to take editing more and more seriously. I decided a while ago that I cared more about putting out a quality show when it was ready than a crappy show just to get something out on time. Ideally I could get the show ready on time every week, but given a choice I favor the former option over the latter. That means that editing is a slow process. I’m pretty quick all things considered, but I still have to listen to about 2 hours of audio every week, stopping and starting every time I want to tweak something, to get a show out.

3) That being said, we’ve still been recording every week. The lack of shows is entirely due to my lack of having time to edit. Once I arrive at my new place and get my computer up and running I’m going to set aside an entire day just to get caught up. You’ll get something like 3 shows all at once and it’s going to be awesome.

4) We have a TON of great stuff lined up over the next few weeks and months. You guys don’t even know (because some of it is secret) but I promise you that we are working hard to continue upping our game in providing what we hope is some of the most entertaining and informative science podcasts available (I’m including our sister shows as well).

So thanks for bearing with me while I pack boxes late into the night and try to finish up everything that comes along with a big move. The constant support and feedback from you all literally keep me going. Thanks and see you on the other side.



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  1. Mike AndrionNo Gravatar 24 August, 2012 at 2:54 pm #

    this just gives me a chance to catch up. Just found you guys from the other and enjoying working my way through all of them.

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