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Winter Solstice Gift Guide 2012!

309657_10100638960929038_296217771_nIt’s that time of the year, where the days are about as short as they’ll get (in the Northern Hemisphere) and thus we give gifts to those we care about to make them feel a little less along out in the cold darkness. First, I’d like to remind you that clicking the Amazon banner on this very page takes you to Amazon to buy whatever you desire and a bit of that comes back to us. Also, all of the links in this post that point to Amazon are customized for us, so you can click those and go straight to the product while still helping us out. Thanks!

But as for the content of this post, I’ve asked the Paleopals to contribute their ideas for things you could get the geek in your life for this solstice season. Here are the results. Enjoy!

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An Introduction To canadian food

When the weather gets cold up here in the great white north, canadians do two things. We Put on our Toques (not “knit hat”. it’s called a toque)…

here i am, in quebec city, smoking a cuban cigar and wearing a toque. these are things you can do in Canada!

and THEN, we get ourselves some real skookum food and just give ‘er… and that’s how we make it through the winter.

What kind of Food do we eat in Canada? Well frankly, every kind. Canada has immigrant populations from around the world, and the different  cooking traditions are enthusiastically enjoyed! But. There are some dishes which are unique to our country. and they are RAD. Here are  9 canadian dishes that might be news to you, but which i enjoy eating. Especially when my body needs another layer of insulating fat.

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