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Trailer Trash Supplement: Kick starting Creationist

Ok, so that title is a little misleading but I couldn’t resist the mental imagery. Here’s the skinny. Don McLeroy is a creationist dentist from Texas. He’s also the former chair of the State Board of Education. Texas has a huge school system so the SBOE has a lot of influence about what makes it into textbooks which are then distributed to the entire nation. So it’s kind of a big deal that Don McLeroy wielded the power he did.

To shine a spotlight on the problem a team is trying to make a film, but now they need a good editor (I can relate). So they started a Kickstarter campaign to get the funds. Here’s a clip from the site, if you like it, maybe you throw in a few shekels? Donate enough and you get a special thanks in the credit. Be sure to include a shout out to Science… sort of if that happens!

Originally spotted at the Pharyngula blog.


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