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Someone at io9 must be listening…

As mentioned in Episode 74 I mentioned that one of the sites I frequent for potential show topics and my own amusement is i09. I encourage listeners to scope it out as long as they still come back here for their science podcasting fix. My reason for mentioning this at all is that recently I mentioned that scientists rarely experiment on themselves and that animal testing is a necessary fact of life for certain types of biologist. Well the good folks at io9 have compiled top 10 lists related to each subject. Enjoy perusing them as I did then go leave us an iTunes review or something else productive.

Top 10 Scientists Who Experimented On Themselves

Top 10 Animals That Made Significant Contributions to Research

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My Top 4 Experiments of All Time

A ‘friend’ of mine wants to lend me the book The Ten Most Beautiful Experiments which is about elegant and simple experiments done to figure out some really fundamental stuff about our universe. It sounds pretty good but I figured I should take a moment and come up with my own favorite experiments first before reading it. If there’s overlap I’ll seem on top of my game, if there’s not I’ll seem original. Win-win.  So with that in mind I’d like to present my top four favorite experiments scientists (or just humans) have done and why I like them so much. Why only four and not five or even ten? I wrote too much and didn’t want to push your interest to the breaking point, so enjoy what you’ve got and suggest a 5th in the comments!

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