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REVIEW – Evolution: The Story of Life on Earth via iFanboy

evolutionSometimes I really love my life. This book was kind of a perfect convergence of the things that make comics and evolution awesome. I hope you dig my thoughts. Feel free to comment here or click-through the link and comment on iFanboy.

Written by Jay Hosler

Illustrated by Kevin Cannon and Zander Cannon

$18.95 / 150 Pages / Black & White

Hill and Wang

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iFanboy REPOST: Weather Powers and Global Climate Change

Figured most people didn’t see this originally but I enjoyed writing it a lot so I wanted to share it again over on the Paleocave. If it seems a bit dumbed down that’s because it’s written for the comic fan who may or may not be a science fan. Enjoy it for what it is!

Here’s a link if you’d like to see what comments happened on iFanboy, apparently it got heated but I wasn’t online to follow up.

SCIENCE: Weather Powers and Global Climate Change

I’ve got climate on the brain. I’ve been studying it and reading up on a lot of the nitty gritty about just how it works. Right now we’re experiencing a period of anthropogenic (mad-made) induced global climate change. (If you’ve not a fan of climate change or just plain don’t understand keep reading but also feel free to e-mail me.) I think it’s fair to assume our favorite superheoric worlds also underwent the Industrial Revolution and outside of the Watchmen, where Dr. Manhattan actually changed the course of technological history, I’d argue that they’re all getting ready to deal with some global warming too. So I got to thinking: Could any of the people with the power to control weather fix the problem?

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REVIEW (via iFanboy): Bone Sharps, Cowboys and Thunder Lizards

*Note* This is a cross post from my weekly column over at iFanboy. While I’m happy to have you read it here on the blog, I encourage you to go leave a comment at iFanboy. In the interest of full disclosure, they watch my stats so it helps me out to have you read and comment there.

Bone Sharps, Cowboys and Thunder Lizards: A Tale of Edward Drinker Cope, Othniel Charles Marsh and the Gilded Age of Paleontology

Artist: Big Time Attic

$22.95 / 165 pages / G. T. Labs

Come one, come all! Step right up to the amazing pictographic tale recounting not just how the west was won, but how the west was dug!

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REVIEW: Jurassic Park Redemption #1 from iFanboy.com

Hey Paleoposse,

I’m gonna level with ya, this one is a bit of cheat but it’s still worth reading. I wrote a review of the comic Jurassic Park Redemption #1 that went up this morning over at iFanboy.com. If you want something more directly Science… sort of check out my post from Monday, Another Manic Monday: How the Sausage is Made. Hope you enjoy a bit of comics! It is Wednesday after all…

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