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Industrial Evolution

Babbage’s “Difference Engine #2” first built in 2002

For all of those US based readers and listeners, I salute your labors on this day.  The celebration of Labor Day dates back to 1894, something about Grover Cleveland trying to quell labor riots… we get the day off and towels and mattresses go on sale.

The fruits of my labor are reaped binarily rather than with a thresher, and if you’re exploring this corner of the interwebs I suspect yours may be too.    We should be looking back to the development of computing technologies which we have to thank for smooth girlish hands and carpal tunnel syndrome.

I got to thinking and worked out six degrees of Science Sort of in 30 seconds or less for this post.  Labor day, labor unions, industrial revolution, textile mills, Jacquard weaving looms,  and the eternal frenemies Ada Lovelace the “enchantress of numbers” and Charles Babbage designer of the  “difference engine”. Continue Reading →


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