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REVIEW: The Science of Kissing

The Science of Kissing by Sheril Kirshenbaum

272 pages / $19.99 / Grand Central Publishing

I have been kissing other people for literally years. I knew the basics behind the science; we have big sensitive lips that get engorged with blood when we’re aroused and it fun to press them on other people’s lips (and if that was more than you knew about the subject this book will be all the more enlightening!). I have been doing kissing longer than I’ve been doing science; but now, through a truly heinous turn of events, I spend all day doing science with very little time kissing! To fill this hole I life I read BONK, and it horrified me. Literally too much information. I wanted something with a little more romance and tenderness; and a little less anatomical detail and uncomfortable imagery. So with all due deference to Mrs. Roach from both myself and Mrs. Kirshenbaum, I began The Science of Kissing.

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REVIEW – Evolution: The Story of Life on Earth via iFanboy

evolutionSometimes I really love my life. This book was kind of a perfect convergence of the things that make comics and evolution awesome. I hope you dig my thoughts. Feel free to comment here or click-through the link and comment on iFanboy.

Written by Jay Hosler

Illustrated by Kevin Cannon and Zander Cannon

$18.95 / 150 Pages / Black & White

Hill and Wang

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iFanboy REPOST: Weather Powers and Global Climate Change

Figured most people didn’t see this originally but I enjoyed writing it a lot so I wanted to share it again over on the Paleocave. If it seems a bit dumbed down that’s because it’s written for the comic fan who may or may not be a science fan. Enjoy it for what it is!

Here’s a link if you’d like to see what comments happened on iFanboy, apparently it got heated but I wasn’t online to follow up.

SCIENCE: Weather Powers and Global Climate Change

I’ve got climate on the brain. I’ve been studying it and reading up on a lot of the nitty gritty about just how it works. Right now we’re experiencing a period of anthropogenic (mad-made) induced global climate change. (If you’ve not a fan of climate change or just plain don’t understand keep reading but also feel free to e-mail me.) I think it’s fair to assume our favorite superheoric worlds also underwent the Industrial Revolution and outside of the Watchmen, where Dr. Manhattan actually changed the course of technological history, I’d argue that they’re all getting ready to deal with some global warming too. So I got to thinking: Could any of the people with the power to control weather fix the problem?

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Living the Sci Life: Another Venture

Hello out there in Paleoland!

I got kinda bored over the break, so I decided upon the encouragement of Ryan Penagos to give this tumblr blog thing a try. I’ve been having fun with it, it’s kind of like Twitter plus. All of my personal posts from this blog and the main Science… sort of site will be found over there along with the occasional less polished ramblings, photos, and other funny links I find throughout the day. If you’re looking for mini-posts every day that hopefully make you smile I say check it out. Furthermore, I say start your own! Tumblr makes it pretty easy to sign up, pick a theme and get going. If anyone does start one, or already had one, feel free to give me a follow and let me know about your own project here in the comments. The more the merrier in the melting pot of the Internet!


The Accuracy of Cuteness

A few people linked me to the ultimate cute animal list over the holiday, it’s a list of 75 lists of photos of animals, pretty intense but I’ve been working my way through it (Yes, I even treat cute animals like homework). Most of the shots are wonderful but then I got to the list titled “101 Cute Seals That Are Also Babies“. What could be wrong with that, right? Well, dear reader, many of these photos were not of seals at all! (some of them aren’t even babies, but that I’ll let slide)

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