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Brachiolope Stuph

It’s a sale! We’ve lowered the prices on all our swag! So, if you’ve been pining away for some Science… sort of gear but thought it was just out of your price range, go check it out again.  The skinny on this sale is that December is solstice time, and in the northern half of the world  it’s the cold solstice – the time of the year when you least want to be naked. So get yourself or your loved ones some sweet, sweet brachiolope to help them maintain their core body temperature and support the show a little bit while you are at it.  The bonus is that our producer of swag will give us discounts on the production of our gear if we can sell a certain amount of stuff in December.  So, if you guys clothe your friends and family enough this month, maybe the prices can stay cheap forever!

Oh yeah, we got mugs and stuff too…


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