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LOST: Sci-fi or spiritualism?

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*Mild spoilers ahead*

“Any sufficiently defined magic is indistinguishable from science.” – Guy who should have helped write the LOST finale.

I’ve just finished the LOST finale. I was a few days late to the party but a long flight gave me time to give it a good watching. Yes, I watched it on a plane, which seems ironic. I wanted to talk about it, and have a little bit with friends but it’s really only going to be topical for another week or so at best so if I had anything to say I should say it now. I’ve watched the show weekly since season 2, haven’t always enjoyed it but hoped I was along for a ride that was going somewhere. It seems like most people would argue that was a mistake, and that it went nowhere worth going. I think they’re half right. Because there are another contingent of those who argue the finale worked. As the typical scientist, I’m gonna fall back on a spectrum and say that some things did work and others did not.

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