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Why Warehouse 13 Deserves Better Special Effects

Happy Tuesday PaleoPosse! I’ve just got a quick one for you this week.

Have you guys been watching the SyFy channels latest hit, Warehouse 13?

If not, you should be.

Don’t get me wrong…it has it’s fair share of ridiculous silliness… silly little quips that pull you out of the story… BUT NONETHELESS!!! The show is mostly awesome, except for ONE thing…

The special effects… *barf*

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LOST: Sci-fi or spiritualism?

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*Mild spoilers ahead*

“Any sufficiently defined magic is indistinguishable from science.” – Guy who should have helped write the LOST finale.

I’ve just finished the LOST finale. I was a few days late to the party but a long flight gave me time to give it a good watching. Yes, I watched it on a plane, which seems ironic. I wanted to talk about it, and have a little bit with friends but it’s really only going to be topical for another week or so at best so if I had anything to say I should say it now. I’ve watched the show weekly since season 2, haven’t always enjoyed it but hoped I was along for a ride that was going somewhere. It seems like most people would argue that was a mistake, and that it went nowhere worth going. I think they’re half right. Because there are another contingent of those who argue the finale worked. As the typical scientist, I’m gonna fall back on a spectrum and say that some things did work and others did not.

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