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Demo Sunday – A New Tradition

As some of you may be aware, I’m a fan of video games.  As a working adult, I don’t get to play as many as I would really like, and well… games ain’t cheap!

So this weekend I had a glorious idea which will fulfill my need to play a wide variety of games without being a burden on my oh-so-limited free time.

And here it is: Every other Sunday, I will be playing 1 or 2 game DEMOES, and transmitting my experiences directly into the collective brain-matter of the PaleoPosse!

So what are you waiting for? Let’s do this! Today I’ll be reviewing the demo for Epic Games’ new IP, BulletStorm.

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The Moral Excuse For Shooting a Mutant in the Face

nj lottery

Do you like video games? OMG, me too!

What would you say if I told you that playing video games would actually make you a more morally well-rounded person?

Blasphemy! Jack Thompson has clearly shown that video games do nothing more than teach otherwise good children how to steal cars, kill grandmothers, and eat babies.

Puh-leez, no one is going to miss a few babies and grandma’s…

In all seriousness though, there is legitimate philosophical background to justify video games as tools to develop moral decision making.  It has been discussed here, in a decently well-written paper by Marcus Schulzke in the journal “Game Studies”, and today I’d like to give you a quick summary of the arguments made in the study, and why I agree with them.

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