Friday Link Roundup!

arkansas lottery

Or the thing we don’t have a better name for yet but hopefully is entertaining regardless.

Patrick (who puts oh so much thought into what he says about these):

Futuristic mega-projects by Shimizu

“Awesome future world stuph (sic)”

Charlie (who oft needs reminding):

“Alright so my link isn’t a sciency but it helps me, a scientist, get science done, here it is. So as I’m wrapping up my PhD I’ve been writing a lot and listening to a lot of music. Two albums I’ve purchased recently that I have been playing non-stop are Broken Bells–Broken Bells and Phosphorecent—To Willie From Phossy. Broken Bells is an indie rock band featuring James Mercer of the Shins and Brian Burton aka DJ Danger Mouse. Phosphorecent is an indie-folk singer and in this album he covers Willie Nelson tracks with a poingant post-modern weariness and ennui that I just can’t get enough of. I bought them both on vinyl because they are built for the warm cozy record player and for a full listen through. For times on the go, the vinyl versions do come with free 320 kps digital downloads for your ipod. “

Ryan (I’m writing this so I won’t put anything snarky here. WIN!):

Vincenzo Natali epxlains why Splice is not an anti-science film

“The director of Splice claims the movie isn’t “anti-science.” He also said it’s like a reverse-Frankenstein movie. Wasn’t that the one where the monster isn’t really a monster, rather the town-folk are monsters for not accepting progress? If this is the opposite it would be anti-science right? Either way I won’t see it, at least not in theaters. I await the Paleoposse’s comments!”

Ben (Who is Canadian):

First ‘chameleon particle’ spotted after changing type

“So. No one thinks that neutrinos are massless. there’s this thing called the “solar neutrino problem” where not enough of electron neutrinos get produced by the sun, and it called into question all the nuclear-fusion-at-the-heart-of-the-sun models. But then the Sudbury neutrino observatory showed that the neutrinos were switching their flavour (sic).

so this article is overdramatic. but… how should i put it. metaphorically? after years of suspicion we have finally caught the dog EATING THE BUTTER.”

Jacob (Who works way too hard and deserves better):

Space X Webcast

“SpaceX will be attempting to launch their Falcon 9 rocket today, which is the first of many privately-built rockets that are planned to fill some of the roles of the soon-to-be-retired Space Shuttle.

The Falcon 9 is of special significance, because it carries the “Dragon” module, which is designed to transport either cargo or crew to the International Space Station.  Therefore the Falcon 9 represents the first privately built, human-ferrying space craft capable of reaching low-earth orbit.  If it’s launch is successful, it will provide legitimacy to the decision of the Obama Administration (at the suggestion of the Augustine Commission) to cancel the Constellation program.  If it fails, opponents of the Obama Administration plan will be able to point at the failure as an example of why NASA needs to maintain a human spaceflight vehicle.”

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  1. JacobNo Gravatar 5 June, 2010 at 8:00 am #

    Update on the SpaceX Launch:

    GREAT SUCCESS!! (Borat voice)

    The Falcon 9 achieved LEO (Low Earth Orbit) as planned, and almost everything appeared to work perfectly, except for a slightly faster-than-normal roll seen in the second stage, and the apparent unexpected break-up of the 1st stage as it fell into the ocean.

    Photos of the launch:

    Post-Flight Story:

  2. DevinNo Gravatar 7 June, 2010 at 9:56 am #

    Loving this blog!! Keep it going strong.


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