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They’re bright and shiny because I have a new monitor that makes things look bright and shiny. But I guess that’s irrelevant to everyone else. If you’re not happy with the level of bright and/or shiny in each of these links I suggest you get a new monitor as well. That is all.

Patrick reminds us to stay out of the water:

Chuck Patterson is a San Diego surfer dude. One day while surfing he sees sharks circling his board. What does he do? Goes home. Good thinking, right? Here’s the crazy part; he goes out on his surf board again to the same place, this time with a camera. The sharks show up again and he films them. Dude, at least take a boat or inflatable raft, something that your legs don’t hang off of. Anyhoo, here are the fruits of his labors.

California surfer films great white sharks circling his board

The Acid Queen is tired of beating around the culinary bush:

I could get theoretical up in here and give some load of bullpucky about ocean stratification, ecological tiering, or differential melting, but this really isn’t even science sort of. It’s a cherpumple, that which you eat after the turducken course.

Charles Phoenix’s Cherpumple: The “Monster” Pie-Cake

Jacob wants everyone to gain some perspective:

This website is a little slow right now, but it’s pretty neat.

This site, run by the BBC, allows you to overlay a map of a region with either another country or region, or even historical landmarks. For instance you could compare the Great Wall of China with the entire United States, or the size of the Moon centered on Australia.

Charlie thinks you don’t have enough to listen to already:

Here’s some shitastic music I stumbled across recently. Mozart + Dr. Dre + 8-bit NES Square Waves = All Nerd or Ronald Jenkees from Kentucky Y’all:

Ryan wants you to consider your choices:

Not that I’m that kinda guy, but I want you to know that personal choice is nothing but an illusion. At least it’s an illusion when it comes to buying a drink at the local convenience mart. Prepare to have your mind seriously blown.

The illusion of diversity: visualizing ownership in the soft drink industry


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