It’s March. Seriously, guys. It really is. I know, you’re probably thinking you haven’t gotten enough done yet this year. And you’re right. But we all know you won’t get much more done until August (more likely September) so in the meantime why not join our March Madness Bracket?

For the second year running SuperPaleoPosse Member Sam has set us up a bracket. Last year we didn’t do a whole lot with it. But this year we’ll do more. And assuming the NCAA is still existing in 2012 we’ll do it again then. For now, you can join our league and compare yourself to your favorite podcasters. The league is limited to 50 or so people, so if all the Paleopals (including Canadians) join up that leaves about 45 spots left for PaleoPosse.

If you get annoyed by the HSX because you’re a sports person, now you can get your fix of competition (and domination) of us in cyberspace. Have fun and may the best PaleoPosse win!

Join the bracket simply by clicking here: Science… sort of March Madness Bracket Group


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  1. DustinNo Gravatar 15 March, 2011 at 10:50 am #

    I’m in! My apologies to every team I just jinxed the crap out of!

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