Introducing: My Titanium Physicists!

Hi everyone. I’m here to announce that science… sort of has a new baby brother. It’s name is The Titanium Physicists Podcast .

Turns out that Physics is full of SUPER SEXY IDEAS which are way too technical for science journalists to talk about. No, the best way to taste this fruit is to go to the tree. I (ben) have assembled a team: my titanium physicists. A group of  the rarest sort. technical experts, and also lucid and fun.

But you can’t just throw a group of experts together in a room. they start talking technical and it’s impossible to follow. So to keep everything under control, we bring on a special guest each week! Awesome people who are good at interrupting nerds.

the result is a half-hour long show, released fortnightly. it’s super fun and i encourage you to listen. we’re up on itunes!


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  1. DustinNo Gravatar 29 November, 2011 at 9:30 am #

    Awesome news, Ben!

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