A Contest of the Flyer Variety

Guess what?! Charlie decided to institute another round of the epic Flyer Contest! Here’s how it works in 5 easy steps…

  1. Print out one of the two flyers below (or this link: here)
  2. Post it somewhere public. Examples include: a message board in your department, at your local comic shop, on your mom’s fridge, or on your best friend’s windshield.
  3. Take a photograph of the posting.
  4. E-mail that photo to paleopals@sciencesortof.com
  5. Wait to see if winning happens to you.

In a month or so, Charlie will use a random number generator to select 3 people to win Science… sort of T-shirts! And just in time for spring! There are also some secret prizes that will be announced on an upcoming show, but I assure you that they are indeed worth the minimal effort.

And do you want to know a secret? Most people don’t bother because they’re lazy and don’t want other people to know about the show. This means your odds of winning are high, so get in on the ground floor and get yourself some swag!



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